Unique system of insulation protecting against water penetration, which durably bond to poured concrete, designed for laying under foundation slabs and applying onto foundation walls on stay-in-place formwork.


  • may be placed directly on compacted ground or base stabilized with dimpled membrane or sand mixed with cement
  • does not require holding down layer or admixtures improving concrete watertightness
  • does not involve using machines and/or heavy equipment
  • it is possible to lay the product independently of weather conditions (rain, snow, temp. below freezing point)
  • resistant to aggressive action of ground water
  • does not require extra packing of working gaps
  • does not require plate refitting to 0.1mm scratch
  • compatible with the AquaThene® system

aquaslab-157x210AquaSlab® 1212

Waterproof HDPE membrane with glue that bond integrally to poured concrete, used to protect underground building parts against penetration of water.

AQT-BITAPE-225x168AquaSlab® BITAPE

Self-adhesive, two-sided tape used to join transverse membrane strips and to seal details.


External sealing tape with gluethat bond integrally to poured concrete, used to cover joints and special areas of insulation.


Polymer-bituminous emulsion used to seal details of construction elements in combination with the AquaSlab® and AquaThene® systems.