AquaSlab® 1212

Waterproof HDPE membrane with glue that bond integrally to poured concrete, used to protect underground building parts against penetration of water.

How it works

Due to the employed, new technology of wet gluing, the AquaSlab®1212 membrane ensures perfect adherence to freshly poured concrete, and guarantees stopping any possible water migration between insulation and structural concrete layer. Concrete mix sedimentation, soil settling and structure distortions have no effect on watertightness of insulating layer (foil adapts to concrete structure, to which it adheres).

Intended use:

The AquaSlab®1212 membrane is designed for waterproof sealing of all types of underground structures, both vertical and horizontal, including foundation slabs, foundation walls, tunnels, basements, underground passages, and other engineering objects.


  • insulation fully bonded with structural layer
  • adhesive layer activates during contact with poured concrete
  • prevents water migration between the membrane and structural layer
  • cold-applied
  • simple and quick fitting
  • possibility to apply the product at temperatures below freezing point and various weather conditions


AquaSlab®1212 sheet membrane is complemented with adhesive tapes:AquaSlab®BITAPE and AquaSlab®COVER TAPE, and sealing emulsion Sealatex®