AquaThene® ALU

Bituminous, self-adhesive, vapour-tight and hydro-insulating membrane with layer of aluminium foil laminate to protect from water penetration. 
How it works: 
Self-adhesive, homogeneous membrane made of bituminous compound modified with polymers, with layer of aluminium foil laminate (PET-AL-PET), resistant to UV radiation and tearing. The membrane provides insulation protecting from steam penetration. 
Intended use: 
The membrane is designed for use as an insulation protecting from steam under floors, protective layer of insulation on flat roofs, and for ventilation purposes. The membrane may be applied on all types of mineral, metal and plastic bases. 
seals immediately after fitting  
resistant to UV radiation 
excellent adhesive properties  
applied cold  
bridges scratches  
More information in product data sheet.