AquaThene® 5000T

Bituminous, self-adhesive hydro-insulating membrane with curing strip, designed to protect underground, on-ground and above-ground parts of buildings.
How it works:
Self-adhesive, homogeneous membrane made of bituminous compound modified with polymers on base consisting of resistant to tearing cross-laminated HDPE foil. On one side of the membrane sheet there is a 5cm-wide strip of pure bituminous compound, which cures after attaching, providing tight and durable sealing between membrane pieces. AquaThene®5000T ensures sealing to protect from permanently acting underground water exerting hydrostatic pressure, infiltration water and rainwater.
Intended use:
The membrane forms waterproof insulation within foundation slab, foundation walls, basement and underground garage walls and retaining walls on water pressure side. It may be also used on floor slab surfaces, balconies and terraces and in humid rooms. The membrane may be applied on all types of mineral, metal and plastic bases.
seals immediately after fitting
extra protection for membrane joints
excellent adhesive properties
applied cold
elastic, bridges scratches
barrier for radon and other gases
More information in product data sheet.