AquaPressin® SET

AquaPressin is a single-layer perforated hose made of plastic
(PVC) resistant to mechanical damage. The optimal cross-section
of the transport channel allows easy spread of the injection agent.
Slightly conical cuts made from the inside to the outside (Fig. 1)
allow the injection to flow smoothly to the outside (already at a
pressure of about 0.5 bar at the gap) and prevent water or cement
(cement laitance) from entering the hose during concreting. The
smooth surface of the hose reduces internal friction of the injected
agent and prevents undesirable adhesion of concrete to the hose on
the outside. The circular cross section of the hose prevents it from
twisting during installation. The injection is possible even many
years after the laying and concreting.
More information in product data sheet.