Polymer-bituminous emulsion used to seal details of construction elements in combination with the AquaSlab® and AquaThene® systems.

How it works

Single-component, solvent-free emulsion; after hardening it forms waterproof, elastic coat resistant to UV radiation and other external factors.

Intended use

The emulsion complements insulation consisting of waterproofing  AquaThene® andAquaSlab® sheet membrane, wherever it is necessary to apply membrane in liquid form in order to maintain insulation watertightness. Designed for sealing membrane edges, through hole penetrations, pipe penetrations, etc.


  • single-component, ready for use
  • high elasticity and deformability
  • excellent adherence
  • crack-bridging
  • resistant to UV radiation and ageing processes
  • cold- applied
  • solvent-free